Mac App: Desktop Ghost – Hiding all files and folders from Desktop for a while


We are all suffering for the disorderly icons on Desktop of our MacBook or iMac. We Sometimes tidy those up by removing or deleting them. But soon or later it will always be filled up again because we know that Desktop is a good place for both temporary and frequent use when it comes to getting files.


And it bothers someone's head if he/she needs to show Desktop during a presentation, recording the screen, etc. Desktop Ghost helps you just hide those icons whenever you want.





App Store Screenshot Images of Desktop Ghost

App Store Screenshot of Desktop GhostApp Store Screenshot of Desktop GhostApp Store Screenshot of Desktop GhostApp Store Screenshot of Desktop Ghost


Desktop Ghost literally hides files and folders, not just by covering them.


The Run as Status Bar Only App option puts the icon of Desktop Ghost on the Menubar of the screen and hide the Dock icon so that you can easily start hiding and revealing files on Desktop from the Status Bar.


Not only are the files on Desktop hidden, but also invisible in Finder.


One thing in mind, those files that are newly created after hiding are not affected. SO you have to reveal then hide again if you want them to be hidden too. I think this can be good at some situations.


Desktop Ghost Pro version

Pro version has a keyboard shortcut to hide or reveal the files. Plus, you can see those files with the View Desktop Contents button while they are hidden.

Or if you grant it to access to Finder Extension in the System Preferences, you can see them within Desktop section in Finder.


Another good feature of Pro version I know is that you can designate which files or folders will not be affected by hiding in the settings.

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