iOS Game – Hidden Folks: 2017 iPad Game of the Year

The hand-drawin, interactive, puzzled find-the-thing iOS game, Hidden Folks is perfect for killing time with over 155 targets to find. It has 3 color--normal, sepia and night--modes so you can spend your time whenever you are bored while waiting your friend or trying to fall asleep.


Also check out the cute iMessage stickers included in this iPhone and iPad game.


Hidden Folks is the 2017 Game of the Year on iPad in many countries including Australia, United Kingdom and additional countries

Bravo, Hidden Folks. 2017 Best Game of the Year

Needle might not be in a haystack, but she sure knows how to roll. "If it's not the charming art, the offbeat sound, the find-the-thing play that charm you, it's the cute little clues.

In Hidden Folks, these hints nudge you in the direction of your next target in the Where's Wally-style scenes of the game. The clues aren't merely functional, they're funny too. This playfulness extends to every corner of the delightful world that the creators Adriaan De Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg have created.


Every few moments, there's a gag or sound effect that makes us chuckle or break into a smile (which must be especially alarming to anyone standing near us on the train).

Playing Hidden Folks iPhone and iPad game

It's a remarkably dense game. There are so many playful little vignettes packed into these scenes that finding the targets, that run along the bottom of the screen is just the beginning. the clues are often the setup to a gag, and the moment of discovery is the punchline. What about poking around the desert to find Martin at the Burnin' Folks festival, who's waiting for the music to kick in? Or the guy you find hiding in someone's car roof box? Or the cactus sporting a sombrero?


And you've got to wear headphones for this one - poking at almost everything in Hidden Folks triggers one of De Jongh and Tegroeg's weird homemade sound effects.

Poking at almost everything in Hidden Folks triggers a weird homemade sound effect.

Created just with their mouths and a little improvisation, the duo make gorillas grunt, balloons pop, cars honk and doors creak with every tap, and it all serves to make this monochrome worlld even more alive.

" Who doesn't want to yell at a microphone trying to imitate the sound of a crocodile? !" says De Jongh, who is still! blown away by the reception the game has received. YouTubers and Twitch streamers have really embraced the game, he says, with some Hidden Folks videos edging toward a million views. The game's community also helped De Jongh translate the game into 22 languages.


" It was so unreal to me as a Dutch person to see YouTubers from China, Russia, Brazil, India and many other countries play Hidden Folks in a different language - and laugh real hard at my jokes translated by a fan."

De Jongh and Tegroeg receive fan correspondence every day, in fact. " I have gotten truly heart-warming emails from fans and whole families thanking us for bringing them together," says De Jongh. And it's the same for Tegroeg: " We've heard from parents thanking us for being able to spend more time with their kids through playing the game," he tells us. " And we've heard from people who usually don't play video games at all, who saw the game and spent their first bucks ever on games!"


We've heard from parents thanking us for being able to spend more time with thei『 kids th『ough playing the game. --Sylvain Tegroeg, Hidden Folks co-creator


The pair have even branched out into merchandise, producing playable Hidden Folks posters and T-shirts. "I hung my playable poster on the toilet, effectively tripling my guests' toilet time," says De Jongh, mischievously.

They don't plan to stop, either. De Jongh and Tegroeg have promised to keep adding new stages and features over the next year, or "as long as it's fun to work on," as De Jongh puts it. So soon, players who have already sampled the playful joys of Hidden Folks will get more levels to prod and poke around.

And if you haven't played this game yet, you can rectify that right now - it's the best iPad game of 2017, simple as that.

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