(iOS App) Stop barking! – Good Woofy (for iPhone, iPad)


When you have to leave your dog home alone, your neighbors can be annoyed by barking. Good Woofy is designed to quiet down your dog with your own voice. it listens to dog barks and plays your voice pre-recorded.


Recording your voice

For the first time you run it, you can record a command to quiet down your dog by tapping the dog shaped picture. Then tap it again when you are done recording.

Good Woofy for iOS





The number of how many times your dog barked and how many times it succeeded to quiet your dog down, will be recorded. In Settings, you can choose if you want to keep the audio as well.

recorded data in Good Woofy for iOS


Your old iPhone , iPod touch or iPad would be good device to run Good Woofy.



App Store Screenshot Images of Good Woofy

App Store Screenshot of Good WoofyApp Store Screenshot of Good WoofyApp Store Screenshot of Good Woofy

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