(iOS App)How to use Opener ‒ open links in apps (for iPhone and iPad)Review

Instead of opening in Safari, Opener lets you open web links in native apps like Youtube, Twitter, Podcast or third-party apps like ProTube, Overcast depending on to what the link is directing. Or it gives you the choice of opening in other web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Puffin Browser for example. So you are not stuck with Safari only.


Opener passes a link via sharing to a native app depending on what service or medium the link is directing to :

Overview of how iOS Opener app works




App Store Screenshot Images of Opener ‒ open links in apps

App Store Screenshot of Opener ‒ open links in appsApp Store Screenshot of Opener ‒ open links in appsApp Store Screenshot of Opener ‒ open links in appsApp Store Screenshot of Opener ‒ open links in apps

Passing a Safari page to other native apps

Opener ‒ open links in apps is an action extension app living on Share Sheet of iOS , which means you can use the extension of Opener there by tapping the Share button in any app that supports sharing. There are two ways to pull up Share Sheet when it comes to sharing a link.

In Safari on iPhone, I happened to encounter a YouTube video page titled "Overwatch Cinematic Trailer" below.

Safari to iOS Opner app

As you see above, a Safari page has Share button on the bottom, or on the top on iPad. Tapping the share button brings the Share Sheet up and there you should see the action extension of Opener.

When you choose to let Opener open the page, it shows a list of apps that have capabilities to handle the link. In my case it is a YouTube link so it shows what I have alongside of the official YouTube app:

Protube in iOS Opner app

ProTube is my favorite to watch YouTube videos so I chose to open in it like below.

Protube playing YouTube video
ProTube has taken over a YouTube link from Opener.


ProTube lets you watch YouTube without ads by the way.

From Other Apps

Safari is not the only one with a share button. In fact, most of iOS apps have it and Podcast is also one of them. You can pass episodes to your favorite Podcast player like Overcast or Castro:

iOS Podcast episode to Opner app


Passing a link on a webpage via Opener

You perhaps know that you can see the Share Sheet of iOS when you tap and hold a web link. For example, the YouTube page we saw earlier has a list of related videos. They are all web links:

Sharing Youtube related video link to iOS Opener app

If you do a long press with your finger on one of the related videos, you will see a different sheet that has a choice of sharing like above. 

But enough of YouTube videos, let's try another kind as Opener supports many of links and apps! Here you see my Twitter link on this blog like below. Typically, you see a lot of links like this while surfing the Internet.Sharing twitter link to iOS Opener app

When you tap and hold the 'Twitter' text that is linked to my Twitter profile page, you should see the sheet like above. If your are holding an iOS device right now, here is the actual text linked to my Twitter. Go ahead tap and hold on it. You should see the same. Then choose Share.. to bring up the Share Sheet.

If you already have Opener, you will see its extension. I'll pass the link to the official Twitter app via the extension:

Opener app passing the link to Twitter app

Now in the official Twitter app, my Twitter profile page is presented like below. While you are at it, please follow me.

Starry Reviews Twitter Profile in Twitter app


Sharing a link in other apps

Sharing by a long press on a link is also possible in other apps. In this example blow, I'll use Notes app of iOS 10 passing a pdf document link to PDF Expert -my favorite pdf annotation app on iPad:

PDF Link to Pdf Expert via Opener App

Using Opener directly

So far, I have showed you examples of using the Action Extension of Opener and that's mostly how you would use it. Action Extensions are only available via the Share button of iOS. However, there are also situations we cannot use the Share button. Messages app is probably an example for that.

Fortunately, we can copy a link into Clipboard and then open directly Opener app. When Opener starts running in front, it detects what the link currently inside iOS' Clipboard is.

Let's assume someone sent me a message that contains an App Store page link to Zoo Cuties sticker app. And I want to open it in AppShopper app.

To copy the link, tap and hold it in Messages app. There you can Copy the link. Back to you home screen by pressing Home button and tap the icon of Opener to run it:

copy link from iOS Messages then open Opener ap

There Opener automatically detects that the link is an App Store page link. I chose to open Zoo Cuties app in AppShopper instead of App Store:

Opener opnes Zoo Cuties sticker app for iMessage

So now I can look at all its history  and more.

By the way, Zoo Cuties: Cute Animal Stickers for iMessage is made by myself available on the App Store. I would appreciate it if you would buy it. Thanks. Oh, Yes. I came up with this example to introduce my app while we are at it. Thanks to Opener.

Supported Apps

There are over 200 third-party apps supporting Opener so you can pass so many kinds of links to your favorite apps. For example, a PDF document link to PDF Expert, YouTube link to ProTube, Twitter link to Tweebot, video file link to nPlayer, from the official Podcast to third-party apps and so on.

iOS apps supporting opener app

At first I hesitated weather to buy Opener. But it soon became the part of workflow for my life with iPhone and iPad. You would feel the same. Thank you for reading. I am Kyle Kim at StarryReviews.com. Please stay tuned with upcoming posts. Follow me @StarryReviews on Twitter or Facebook Page.

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