LET’S PLAY: Train Games on the Right Track for iPhone and iPad


 Tarin Games Featured on the App Store.  These games are engineered to satisfy your desire to take control of the railway. All aboard!


Conduct THIS!

This game has just three controls: start, stop, and switch rails.

Your objective: Shuttle the mommuters. It may sound simple, but with serpentine tracks and an ever-increasing possibility of collision, passengers not reach their destination in the way they hoped.

Conduct THIS iphone game


Paper Train: Traffic

Paper Tain: Traffic's animations have a hand-drawn, pen-and-ink lok. Set against a backdrop of graph paper, the art is reminiscent of (very detailed) doodles. Although it's essentially a track-swithcing game, Paper Tain: Traffic also has a speed mode, in which one second the old steam engines are chugging away slowly, the next they're flying along like a light rail.

Paper Train iphone game


Tiny Rails

Tiny Rails is a business-simulation game that requires you to think about more than whether the trains will arrive  on time. With graphics that harken back to the 16-bit ddays, the game's impressive rail network extends across North America. your aim may be to expad your railroad businiss, but you're also free to ride the rails and enjoy the scenery.

Tiny Rails


Infinite Train

In the world of train-themed games, Infinite Train is an oddity. its small locomotives don't glide smoothly across the track; they jerk forword. And as you progress, the thain can transform into a pirate ship or a piece of sushi. Infinite Train is absurd but charming--and perfect for when you want to switch to a less traditional track.

Infinite Train


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