iOS: Worldwide BEST OF 2017 Games for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and TV

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Different games are picked as the best in different countries for the year. Wonder what they are? 

Here are Games of the Year in Countries, which have been chosen by App Store editors as the best on the App Store in 2017


USA, Australia, Cananda, Japan and New Zealand have chosen FRAMED 2 as the best Apple TV Game of the Year. People are enjoying the version 2  as much as the original FRAMED game.


Splitter Critters is another Game of the Year on iPad in  many countries, over 60, including USA, Japan, France, Australia and additional countries. Playing Splitter Critters for the first time is pure magic.


The Witness, iPhone and iPad game, is a single-player game in an open world with dozens of locations to explore and over 500 puzzles. No doubt why it is the 2017 iPad Game of the Year in over 30 countries. 


Hidden Folks is the 2017 Game of the Year on iPad in many countries including Australia, United Kingdom and additional countries. The hand-drawin, interactive, puzzled find-the-thing iOS game.


The Editors in South Korea, Canada, India and some other countries like this beautiful stories of an old man and its illustrations.


Micropolis!, the Game of the Year on Apple Watch in USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. This game is like the original Sim City game.


Although Art of War:Red Tides has been chosen as the best iPad Game in China, It is available in some other countries as well.

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