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App Store GAME OF THE DAY: Twinfold Merge & Munch

To succeed in the clever puzzle game Twhinfold, you'll need two things: the ability to see several moves ahead and a healthy appetite.

You play a little block determined to eat two golden idols. Catching them is difficult--your prey mimics your every move. Harder still, if you happen to merge two blocks, the entire labyrinth changes around you and every level is generated on the fly. You want replayability? Twinfold will keep you guessing for years.


You're also relentlessly pursued by enemies. Fortunately, they mimic your moves as well, so you can fight back by strategically guiding them into walls and pits. watching an enemy vanish after a final blow, leaving you to gobble up a few idols, is immensely rewarding.


Thankfully Twinfold offers up to extent each playthrough. Eating idols racks up both health and experience points, which can spend on more than 40 upgrades and abilities. Delay all enemy spawns by one turn, increase damage, or build your own wall, if you so choose. Since you have only one life, play carfully--all your hard work can quickly get squashed by a cruel baddie. Each new game holds greate promise.


So a goguelike puzzler, then? Indeed, Twinfold doesn't just merge its blocky characters--it merges genres into a truly unique experience.


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App Store Screenshot of TwinfoldApp Store Screenshot of TwinfoldApp Store Screenshot of TwinfoldApp Store Screenshot of TwinfoldApp Store Screenshot of Twinfold

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