(Mac App Review) How to use Lil Todo – Task Manager App for Mac

If you are like me, you get a myriad of tasks to be done. What's worse, things don't belong to one category but, one to here, and another to there, or others to both. 'Belong to both'? You guess how I put it mildly. That's why I need a task manager to organize all my things to do and have found something close to my requirement. Not only to mine but to yours too, I suppose. Let's see if it is.


Lil Todo Features Overview

  • Organizing by projects
  • Project completion
  • sorting by #hashtags
  • Snooze tasks
  • Flagging
  • Setting a due date for each task
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Dropbox sync



App Store Screenshot Images of Lil Todo

App Store Screenshot of Lil TodoApp Store Screenshot of Lil TodoApp Store Screenshot of Lil TodoApp Store Screenshot of Lil Todo



Image- overview of Lil Todo

On the left side, the 6 items on the top are there by default for Inbox, Overdue, Flagged, All Tagged, Recent and you get the rest to be added or can be renamed by yourself. The note book symbol  represents a project and the # symbol is a hashtag, you guessed it.


A task can belong to a project, which is a collection of tasks, and you can put a tag or more on the title of each task if you want to. Additionally you mark a task as Flagged at your need. Projects are also somewhat like tasks meaning you can complete them.

That's pretty much all you have to have in mind to use Lil Todo. The rest is intuitive you will know what you should be doing.


Adding Tasks and Hashtags Inside a Project

Creating New Projects

You got different tasks for different projects? Let's first create a new project by clicking the New Project button on the very bottom of left-side pane. I'll name it as 'My New Project':

Lil Todo-Adding a New Project

Adding New Tasks

To add a task in a project, choose one of your project then type the title of your new task in the text field at the bottom:

Lil Todo-Adding a new task in Project

The title of the task is also reflected in the section of Details pane on the right:

Image--Title of the task reflects in details pane

If you ever want to change the title, do it in the section on the right after selecting the task. I'll show you the detail when I add a hashtag very next.

Adding a Tag by Changing the Title

Below image represents that I am in the middle of changing the task title. You notice that the title on the left is not changed because I have not pressed the Return key yet:

Image-changing the title of a task

Also notice that I put the #Lil_Todo_Tutorial tag as a part of the title above.

When naming a tag, you are restricted to use the characters of letters. For example, white spaces or dashes cannot be included as a part of a tag name. #Lil-Todo-Tutorial becomes just #Lil.

After pressing Return key, now the title is changed:

Image-task title are the same after press return key

Since the task was added in the project and its title has the tag too, It belongs to two collections, My New Project project and #lil_todo_tutorial tag, at the same time. You can find the task by selecting any of both collections:

Lil Todo -the task now blongs to the project and tag collection



I already told you how to put a tag while adding a task or changing its title earlier. However there's another way to add tasks not being bound to a project.

Hash-tags are also a collection of tasks. You can find all tasks associated with the tag by selecting one of the hashtag collections on the left. After selecting one, you can add a task from there too. At this point, getting #lil_toto_tutorial tag is automatic:

Lil Todo-Adding a new task from a tag


Image-the tag is automatically added when you add a task from hashtag

Because of the automatic tagging, I did not put the same tag myself. But I would have typed in another tag if I wanted the task to have more than one tag. A question arises here. Is the task included in any project when added from a hashtag collection? No. This would be good if you want to add tasks separated with all of your projects.



Inbox is a hub of tasks that are not yet bound to any project or #tag. Notice that all tasks in Inbox don't have a tag. If a tag is assigned to any of it, that task disappears from Inbox collection and will be move to the tag collection. 

If you ever want to add a task with a new tag that you don't have yet and don't want the task to be included in any of projects, I recommend you to add it from Inbox collection. If a new task with a tag is added from Inbox, it would not be in Inbox collection while the new tag collection will be added immediately with no problems.

To move a task from Inbox to a project, simply drag and drop to the project you want it to be in:

Image-dragging a task from Inbox to a project


Task Deadline

There are often tasks that have to be done before a certain date. Schedule of your project may require finishing task by task, day by day. Setting a due date in Lil Todo is easy peasy. Let's do that!

Selecting a task reveals the Details and you know it by now. And you clever people already figured it out. Clicking the None button shows you a mini calendar with a clock along side:

Lil Todo -setting Due Date

Clock hands are drag-able. That's how you set time. What I really want to talk about is the +1d and +1wk buttons. Those two are quick ways for you to set the due date to one day or week later. As the plus sign implies it adds more days and weeks if you click more times.

These two buttons appear on a task itself if its due date is coming up in 2 days. Then you can easily postpone the deadline by clicking the button:

Image of upcoming task with postpone buttons


Dropbox Integration

Are you a fan of Dropbox service? I am. If you are like me you would like to keep and sync all your data across all your devices. Or you want to have it even after you buy a new Macbook. You got the sync button at the bottom left corner to sync your data up to Dropbox. It requires your permission for the first time and the rest is as you expect.

I should not forget to tell you that you can right-click the name of project and complete the entire project there. That's all I want to tell you about Lil Todo in this review. The rest will be what you would think it is and you have probably figured out how you would match with your circumstances already. You would not have a big problem to use it as the developer arranged the Getting Started project in the left-side pane.

Thank you for reading. I am Kyle Kim at StarryReviews.com. Please stay tuned with upcoming posts. Follow me @StarryReviews on Twitter or Facebook page.

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