Make Your Own Manga – iPhone and iPad Drawing and Photo Editing Apps


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 If you’re into comics, you've no doubt dreamed of creating a fantasy world with heroes and heroines and badass powers. These three apps will get you started.




 No artistic ability? No problem! Use ToonCamera to turn the world around you into a comic-like drawing. Simply snap a photo (or select an existing pic on your phone) and choose among various artistic styles to create an image that'll fit 

right into any graphic novel.

ToonCamera iPhone and iPad app



Anime Power FX

 You can use Anime Power FX to overlay animated superhero special effects onto your videos. Choose from a range of powers, like projecting energy blasts from your hands or breathing fireballs. You'll be able to make everyone before you tremble with fear—or at least laugh hysterically at the way you strike Dragon Ball-style pose 

Anime Power FX



Jump Paint

 If you love to draw and have notebooks filled with story ideas, Jump Paint is the app you want. This advanced digital drawing tool has everything you need to create a manga comic strip. Learn illustration techniques through the many in- app tutorials (all presented in a comic-book style), with tips from manga greats such as Gintama creator Hideaki Sorachi.

The Tools of JUMP PAINT by MediBang


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