Splitter Critters: Best iPhone Game of the Year 2017


Aliens in cute animal looking are the objects you should protect in Splitter Critters by slicing the screen and rearranging the pieces.

it has won the 2017 iPhone Game of the Year in USA, Australia, and additional countries.


Editors' Choice

Typically When you love something, you don't tear it up. But in this Apple Design Award winner, you'll need to rip and rearrange each stage to help your lil' alien buddies reach their spaceship. The design is superb, the music is wonderful. But hands-down the best thin about this puzzler? It feels totally original.

Congrats, Splitter Critters : BEST 2017 iPhone Game of the Year 

Splitter Critters is the 2017 iPhone Game of the Year because: Slashing a game world in two and putting it all back together is simply wondrous.

Playing Splitter Critters for the first time is pure magic.

Cut the screen in two with a swipe of your finger, then slide the halves around. Whoa! With a few quick motions, you 've completely transformed the game world.

If you've done it right, you've also provided your little alien friends a safe path to their spaceship helping them bypass mountains, avoid fatal falls, and reach high-up places.

Splitter Critters iphone game screenshot
Cut carefully to separate your pals from that furry fiend

That first slice is special, but so is your 200th. Credit the perfect paper-tearing effect that accompanies each slash, as well as the simple controls that make ripping up the environment and piecing it back together--or rewinding your missteps--feel as natural as tying your shoes. Rarely have we seen a game's core mechanic evoke this much wonder.

AR levels add new mechanics to Splitter Critters' puzzles.


As new challenges crop up (like dodging lasers and razor-toothed beasts), you'll bend your brain solving them. But Splitter Critters' just-right learning curve holds your interest, as does the art style, which is so cute you'll want to reach out and hug allies and enemies alike.

Everything about Splitter Critters radiates imagination and care including the new AR (augmented reality) levels, which introduce a cool 3D element. This is an irresistible puzzler, and one of the best games you can play on iPhone.

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